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I have a home studio located in New York, NY. It is great space that allows for indoor studio work as well as outdoor environmental options in that both Central Park and Morningside Park are just a quick walk away. We have a comfortable sitting area for clients and their guests as well as a full bathroom for getting ready as well as a makeup station for those clients needing it.


Earning a degree in musical theatre myself, I know exactly what to look for in a good headshot and what all the actor needs. I like to focus on the actors brand and character types as well as where they see themselves in the industry to get each individual the headshots that are true to and perfect for them. I offer several different packages with varying numbers of looks and options. Commercial headshots also available upon request. Click here for specific details and pricing on packages.


For my portraiture I like to follow my clients lead. We work together to create portraits that fill the need of the client and that they will love. The process is extremely collaborative, discussing what it is the client is looking for in the weeks leading up to the shoot. I offer several different packages that are good for any of your portraiture needs. Click here for specific details and pricing on packages.


Contact me here to discuss any of your fashion photography needs. 


Please bring a check/cash to pay for your session unless you'd prefer to use credit. Credit payments can be made online via paypal. Other items you will want to bring are chap stick or some kind of moisturizer for your lips, makeup, and hair products for touchups. Make sure you get a good night's sleep beforehand and arrive on time. I love it when a client shows up with a suitcase full of clothes. It's important to bring a large variety of outfits to choose from. This way, we have more material to collaborate with. Avoid distracting patterns and jewelry that pull focus from your face. Solid colored tops with interesting necklines along with dresses or suits work well. Most importantly, wear what you love. The better you feel in your clothes, the better you will look on camera. 


Returning clients enjoy 10% off package pricing. 
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